Q7 Smart Watch is the latest invention of our company that monitors your health condition and helps you stay fit. It is a smart device to help you have a healthy lifestyle.

Q7 Smart Watch was developed by teams of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and Harvard University. It is a product of our company’s cooperation with these prestigious universities. Our research team has been working for years to develop this smart watch in order to help all people around the world control their health conditions and prevent diseases.

Q7 Smart Watch has many features. Firstly, it monitors your heart rate and blood pressure every minute. If there are any abnormal things happened, it will notify you immediately. Besides that, it tracks your steps and gives you suggestions on how to exercise more effectively. After all, it can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so that you can stay connected even when you are doing exercises or swimming.

This smart watch is easy to use. You just need to wear it on your wrist, then download our free application from Google Play Store or Apple Store, and register an account with us so that we can collect data and analyze them carefully for each user.

Q7 smart watch

how to use q7 smart watch?

Please read the instructions carefully and use it correctly.
Before using our Q7 Smart Watch, please fully charge the device first.
1.Please charge 1-2 hours before use
2.Please insert a 2G micro SIM card into the SIM holder, and turn on the watch.
3.Download APK file to your cell phone, install the APK file and open it, then scan the QR code on your watch to pair with it.
4.After pairing, you can record steps, call history, contacts, alarm clocks, sedentary reminders and other functions on your smart phone via Bluetooth.

how to sync weather on q7 smart watch?

Open the application, click on the icon in the upper left corner of the main interface, enter the “Settings” interface;
Click “Weather Settings” in the “Settings” interface;
Click the “Sync Weather Data” button in the “Weather Settings” interface;
After a few seconds, automatic synchronization is completed.

q7 smart watch how to change weather?

Open APP “Mediatek SmartDevice” to connect Q7 and your smart phone.*
Go to APP “Mediatek SmartDevice” and then press “Profile”.*
Press “+” please.*
Choose the city you want to add.*
The weather of the city you added has shown on your watch now.*
If you want to delete one city, just long press for a second, the “delete” option will show on the top left corner.*

q7 smart watch how to block?

Can not connect bluetooth with my phone
Make sure that the phone has been paired with the Q7 smartwatch.
Make sure the Q7 App has been installed in your phone.
Make sure that the Q7 App has been authorized to access your phonebook and call logs.
Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both your smartwatch and your phone.
Check whether there is any other bluetooth device connected with your phone such as a headset or a car stereo system, because you can’t pair your phone with more than one device simultaneously using Bluetooth. If so, please disconnect all other bluetooth devices from your phone first and then try to reconnect your watch again.
Try to disconnect other paired devices from your smartwatch by going to Settings > Bluetooth, then tap the next to the name of those devices that you want to unpair, then tap Disconnect and Delete at pop-up window one by one until they are all removed and then try to reconnect with your phone again.
If none of above helps, restart both devices (turn them off and then turn them on again) and try to pair them

how accurate is the q7 smart watch pedometer?

I have been a fan of the Q7 smart watch pedometer for a long time. I have owned one for about a year now, and I love it. I use it to track my steps, distance traveled and calories burned.
The Q7 is a small device that you wear on your wrist. It tracks your steps, calculates your distance traveled and gives you an estimate of how many calories you have burned throughout the day. It also has several different features, such as:
A calorie counter – The Q7 has a built-in calculator that calculates how many calories you’ve burned in a day based on your weight, height and how much you walk or run. It also estimates how many calories your body burns while sitting down.
Distance tracker – The Q7 can track your distance traveled in meters (m) and miles (mi). It can also track how long it takes you to walk or run one mile (mi).
Step counter – The Q7 keeps track of how many steps you take each day. This feature is useful if you want to keep track of how much walking or running you do per week or month.
Calorie counter – The Q7 has a built-in calculator that calculates how many calories you’ve burned

How to change password on q7 smart watch?

long press the side-button for 2 seconds, and then click the screen to wake up the watch, enter into the main interface.
slide up and down on the screen until you find “Settings”, and then click it.
The default password is “0000”. You can enter into the settings panel by inputting “0000”.
you can change your password here.

how to set up weather function on the q7 smart watch

The watch can get weather information from the Internet. But before you can use the weather function, you need to set up the location for the watch.
Open the iWOWNfit app, log in your account and click “My devices”.
Find your Q7 in the device list and click it to enter into “Device settings”.
Click “Edit” on the top right corner of Weather Location interface, then enter into “Modify Weather Location”.
You can add a new location by clicking “+” on the top right corner of this interface, and select or input a city or area name which you want to know its weather information. The watch will automatically obtain weather information of this location. You can check this location in “Modify Weather Location” and delete it if needed.
You can also choose other cities as home city or work city by clicking pen icon besides. The watch will remind you when you are at home or work according to these two cities you selected.

how to change klanguage in q7 smart watch?

go to the main menu
scroll down to settings
click on language and input
select language
select the language you want

how to install memory card on q7 smart watch?

The SD card should be inserted when the device is switched off. If you insert it when the device is switched on, you will have to power down and restart the device for the memory card to be recognized.
To insert a memory card into the Q7:
Open the slot in which the memory card will be installed. To open it, simply push down on the holder until it comes loose.
Insert the memory card into one of these slots with the gold contacts facing down and carefully push it in until it clicks into place. Make sure that you do not insert any foreign objects into this slot as this could damage your phone or cause a malfunction.
Re-attach the cover to close up again. Again, make sure that it clicks properly into place so that it cannot come loose during use again.

how to reset a q7 smart watch?

This article will teach you how to reset a q7 smart watch.
Find the power button of your watch and hold it in until the device shuts off completely.
Press the power button again to turn on your watch.
Hold the power button in until you see a menu appear that says “factory reset”, then press it again to confirm that you wish to factory reset your watch.
After the reset is complete, press the power button to turn on your watch then double tap it to unlock it!

how to change talk volume q7 smart watch?

Step 1 :First, find the Settings icon on your Smartwatch. Press and hold for about 2 seconds. This will bring up the menu.
Step 2 :Select Settings and then go to Sound and Vibration and select Volume.
Step 3 :From here you can adjust the volume of your Smartwatch.

how to turn on bluetooth q7 smart watch?

1.Please keep the watch power on.
2.Press and hold the touch key to enter the main menu.
3.Touch Settings > Bluetooth to turn on Bluetooth.
4.Touch the search icon to search for available devices. Then choose a device from the list of nearby devices and connect to it.

how to stop q7 smart watch from answering phone?

By default, the smart watch will answer a call automatically when you lift your arm. You can set the incoming calls to be answered with a touch of the screen by doing the following:
1 – Touch Settings on your smart watch.
2 – Scroll down and touch All settings.
3 – Scroll down and touch Accessibility.
4 – Touch Answer calls automatically to turn it off.

q7 smart watch

Our Q7 smart watch is the perfect fusion of fashion and technology. It can be used to record your steps, calories burned, and distance walked. There are also functions for sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, message push, exercise training, weather forecast, and more. The watch has a large battery with a long standby time. There is no need to worry about the watch running out of electricity.

The watch comes in three colors: black, red and blue. Choose the one that best suits you!

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